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Billchem has vast experience in the food industry plant. We have the full range of sanitation chemicals which enhances the cleanliness and bacteria-free environment. Cleanliness is our focus in the food industries as it leads us towards a more… Billchem provides a clean reputation for hotels nationwide in helping hotels to present their guests with clean, safe environment. We specialize in supplying a complete range of products, systems and services that help enhance the image of hotels… Billchem delivers complete hygiene services and effective cleaning solutions for health-care facilities nationwide. Our quality chemical formulations, unique packaging designs and innovative dispensing systems are focused on the individual needs…
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Billchem is also supplying the pretreatment systems for both aluminium and iron based products. Our treatment systems have always been geared towards the promotion of good adhesion, soil removal as well as providing a secondary barrier protection… Billchem provides innovative range of easy-to-use, highly effective products that have been created to markedly improve food safety and hygiene levels throughout the food service arena. Our complete range of products provide for all areas of…