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Billchem gives you the confidence that every aspect of your operation is protected in the food industry. We are the partner you can trust to assist with food safety, guest satisfaction, employee safety, operational efficiency and support…. Billchem had served the needs of many sectors in metal industry with the technology to develop to suit the customers individual requirement. In Aluminium Die Cast, we have an alternative way of non-chromate process and their pre-treatment… Billchem provides a wide range of housekeeping chemicals which focuses on the importance of hygienic and cleanliness environment in your premises whether in restrooms, rooms, public areas, floors cleaning and sanitation. We have the complete…
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Economical and Reliability Program Billchem offers complete laundry system program which ensures consistent, cost-effective washing effect. It keeps linen, towels and other washable items clean, fresh and soft, stain-free and lasting as per our… An ideal kitchen must be clean, safe and sanitized to meet the highest standard. Billchem emphasizes the importance of hygienic and cleanliness environment to the industry’s kitchen system. We recognize food safety addresses more than just…