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About Spechem Solutions


Spechem Solutions is established in year 2005 to provide specialized chemical services in metal working processes and semiconductor industry. The company is also a trading house for chemical products and equipment tools relevant to the field.

Spechem Solutions uses chemical identification technology from Billchem Sdn Bhd. We have affiliates from different chemical laboratory, plating solution provider and universities. Billchem is a chemical solution trading house specializing in providing services in identifying new industrial chemical for metal as well as semiconductor industries.


Spechem Solutions has been exploring how to use new and existing technologies to address key challenges or create new business opportunities within the semiconductor industry. Our founders who have vast experience in the development of chemical products can assist with the research and development as well as project management for all chemical products. Spechem Solutions identifies how collaboration with Billchem and the semiconductor companies can foster R&D innovation in corrosion reduction and management. New chemical substance posed new problems in corrosion that need to be resolved.

Our chemical solution helps to erode the chemical substance attached to the semiconductor chips used primarily by the semiconductor manufacturers. The chemical solution provided is critical in developing new technology, controlling and diagnosing problems in the semiconductor processes.

The economic benefits of this specialized product for the semiconductor industry can be used
to dramatically reduce defect analysis turnaround times in their research and development, process development, failure analysis and manufacturing quality control analytical
electronic chips.

Spechem Solutions provides a one-stop, continuous range of problem-solving expertise in chemical synthesis, supported by our analytical services. Whether it’s developing a new process or improving an existing synthetic route, Spechem Solutions can make an impact in the following areas:

  • reducing the number of synthetic steps and costs;
  • increasing process efficiency, yield and throughput;
  • replacing dangerous or environmentally unsuitable chemistries;

By integrating our expertise in the chemical process development, the Company can reduce difficult and/or expensive manufacturing processes to simpler routes of synthesis thereby producing cost effective solutions and valuable manufacturing intellectual property for the Company.